Know more about the Tire Technology Expo 2024 Hannover, Germany

Tire Technology Expo is the world’s largest exhibition for tire manufacturing industry. Tire Technology Expo will take place from 19 to 21 march 2024 in Hannover, Germany. Tire Technology Expo 2024 offers visitors the world’s premier technology showcase, with exhibits of equipment and materials covering the complete spectrum of the tire manufacturing process.

About: Tire Technology Expo 2024 Hannover

Tire Technology Expo is one of the leading exhibitions for manufacturers and important decision-makers. In 1993 Tire Technology Expo says, thirty-one years after we launched the magazine, we will have the privilege of running this expo for the 23rd time and it’s set to be one of our best ever shows.

Tire Technology Expo brings together leading industry figures for three days of presentations, discussions and networking on the latest developments in tire manufacturing, scientific advances, sustainability and the global tire business. Tire Technology Expo 2024 will cover the complete spectrum of the tire manufacturing process, from materials and specialized equipment to cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

This year’s Tire Technology Expo will feature more than 140 experts’ speakers from leading companies and institutions. Presentations will highlight the issues and trends set to dominate the tire business in the future, as well as dedicated panel discussions to ensure a lively debate and exchange of ideas. Attendees will learn about various tire-related topics, such as design, manufacturing processes, materials, testing and durability.

Benefits at Tire Technology Expo 2024 Hannover

  • Opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and showcase the latest products.
  • Learn about simulation methods, technologies and advanced components for sustainable mobility.
  • The show organized the International tire Technology Awards for innovation & excellence.
  • Meet the world’s most important suppliers at this exhibition in Hannover.
  • Tire Technology Expo will host equipment demonstration, product pavilions, tires and intelligent machines.